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Ethics Number: ETH22-7218

Be a part of an important research to help understand how Folate can stop recurrent miscarriage.

Meet Carolyn Ledowsky

She is a naturopath, herbalist, nutritionist and researcher who has worked for over 12 years with infertility patients experiencing the same issues as you to help them achieve their goal of having a baby.

Carolyn is currently doing her PhD with the University of Technology Sydney and running a clinical trial with patients that miscarry. She is the leading practitioner and researcher in her field worldwide.

Carolyn’s unique insight into the genetic susceptibilities that affect preconception, miscarriage and fertility issues has meant that hundreds of people who were told they had infertility successfully went on to have a healthy baby. Her mission in life is to help as many couples as possible avoid having a miscarriage and the heartache that comes with that.

Carolyn’s preconception course is a unique insight into the factors that many practitioners do not understand contribute to miscarriage and so by tackling these factors one by one and over riding your unique genetic susceptibilities this allows the body to do what it needs to.


Carolyn Ledowsky and the University of Technology Sydney are conducting a clinical trial for couples with recurrent pregnancy loss.

Not all Folate is the same

Folic acid has traditionally been used in prenatal supplements; however research has identified that other more active forms of folate (methyl folate) may reduce the risk of miscarriage.

Who can this help?

This trial builds on previous research, which identifies that some people may require different folate than folic acid to support a successful pregnancy and prevent miscarriage. By better understanding the role of different Folates during pregnancy, we can better help those going through infertility and miscarriage.

What is the trial about?

We will invited 60 couples with recurrent miscarriage to join the pilot study. They will then randomly be assigned to one of two groups:
     a) Couples that will receive a folic acid based prenatal multivitamin
     b) Couples that will receive a methyl folate based prenatal

The couples will then take the prenatal product for a minimum of 9 months.
The objective is to see if we can take this procedure and protocol to a much larger audience and evaluate if miscarriages were reduced in one of the two groups.

We are talking about pregnancy, why do we need men as well?

Prenatal care for men has been shown to be just as important to the conception and fertility process as women.

What will the results tell us?

We will know if the way we have conducted this trial can be expanded to a lot more people later on. We will also have data on whether one group over the other had an improved pregnancy outcome.

What will the funding be used for?

Your donation will support this research by supplying;

  • Shipping and distribution of the multivitamins to the participants
  • Blood collection funding – we need to raise over $13,000 to ensure we can test key blood markers like red cell folate, serum folate, unmetabolised folic acid and homocysteine. This will help us understand what different forms of folate do to blood markers.
  • We need $50 vouchers as a thank you for participants. We will need 120 of these.

How can you help us?

Any donation no matter how small will help.

If you are concerned about the increasing rate of miscarriage world wide then helping fund this research will help support key knowledge into the prevention of multiple miscarriage.

If you would like to know more information about this trial please contact the lead researcher, Carolyn Ledowsky: